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This design is tuned version of my blog design. I hope that it will be useful for somebody. Not so colorful and perfect of course but, to my mind, it very ergonomical to read and lightweight. Valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS


January 9, 2007

It's simple. then i discovered this site immeditally i've thought about sharing my design with others.


January 9, 2007

Some words about base ideas of this HTML design. While developing i use following rules:

  1. No needles boxing elements. If you look in source code it's would be surprising if you found there tags like <DIV> and others similiar (i don't know what is similiar to DIV, but i don't know all HTML). The same result reached by using good old tables and CSS.
  2. Color greed. You see, there is only one color element here... Of course in somecases it boring, but strict designs also needed, isn't it. (also see Guidelines)
  3. Universal CSS. Stylesheet not optimized, because it only template. And main target is understandability.

In some points of view it's a retro design, although it use xhtml and other modern things. Remember that i'm not a professional designer and sometimes haven't enough time to be highly up to date.

Headers hierarchy

January 9, 2007

Headers in this design has strictly roles to play:

  • <H1> used to display only title of this design;
  • <H2> used in blocks titles;
  • <H3> used in posts titles;

Other headre tags (<H4>..<H6>) free to used.


January 9, 2007

To my mind, th๓ best thing on web sites is it's content. Look and feel of your site very differs if you write nasty HTML inside your posts or keeps your grammar and punctuation (i know that i'm not best in this things but konw about it and keep work yourself to improve it). So firstly, content matters.

As you see there is a few colors on this page. Remember that every colorful image became a important composition element and attract webserfer's attention. If you don't want this effect in some causes, better you will use a grayscale images.

It would better that posts part will be longer than navigation.


January 10, 2007

Nothing serious. Simply some asm code to fill the empty space...

; serving connection
        pop     eax
        pop     edx
        push    eax
        call    greet
        xchg    ebx, edx
        mov     edi, buffer+4
        mov     dword [cuffer], 1
        lea     edx, [cuffer]
        call    recv
        mov     al, [cuffer+4]
        cmp     al, 10
        jz      make_response
        cmp     al, 13
        jz      make_response
        test    al, al
        jz      make_response
        jmp     fetch_request
        sub     edi, buffer+4
        mov     dword [buffer], edi
        mov     eax, buffer
        call    nntp
        jc      .finish
        jmp     serve_loop
        call    sclose

This is part of one of projects (coded an NNTP server).

Travelling in da ultraworld

January 10, 2007

Relax, it's not an informative post :) Simply sometimes when you fall into dream, you see unusual pictures and your mind. My dream world chages greatly. All lines becomes more round, buzzy sounds vanishes... This is wolrd i want to live, the ultraworld of my dream.


January 10, 2007

I want to thank my god to give me a time to create this. Also greets to the Aphex Twin and Bob Marley for musical support while coding.

© You 2007. See ya.
         -- Michelle Beloshitsky aka Itanko